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You may have hurt your back or your knee and you are looking for physiotherapy and wondering why should I choose Wandsworth physiotherapy? I’m going to give you five reasons why.




I graduated in 2005 and have had a varied career to this day working in the NHS, working in elite sport treating international athletes and I have worked in private practice. I have treated literally thousands of patients just like you. I can guarantee that I will give you a thorough musculoskeletal assessment and come up with your diagnosis and treatment plan. All physiotherapist that work at Wandsworth physiotherapy have been personally selected and trained to meet high expectations and work to the highest possible standards.




After your initial assessment we will give you a diagnosis of what your problem is and based on our extensive experience we will be able to let you know how many treatments sessions we think you will need to get better. Most musculoskeletal problems can be significantly improved or completely resolved in a few as 2 to 4 treatment sessions. Our goal is to get you back to health as quickly as possible. There will be no unnecessary overtreatment, we are not going to tell you you need three sessions a week for the next two weeks then two sessions a week for a month and then one sessions a week for the next month – tying you in to an often unnecessary and expensive treatment plan.




You may be concerned about the price of physiotherapy and having to fund numerous treatments sessions, but as I just said most problems can be resolved in 2 to 4 treatment session. That may be a small investment of £100-£200 but what you get for that is the peace of mind that your problem will be diagnosed and treated effectively. We also guarantee to give you a personalised home exercise program that you can use to get this injury better and self manage this in the future. An effective home exercise programme can help prevent having recurrences of your injury in the future. Ultimately this this should reduce the need for you to spend money on having physiotherapy sessions in the future. In fact I have some patients that are so happy with this system that I haven’t seen them years.




We pride ourselves on our exceptional service. During your initial assessment and treatment session at Wandsworth physiotherapy you will be given a diagnosis and treatment action plan where we will let you know what your problem is and how many sessions you will need to get this fixed. Then we will book those sessions for you. After your appointment we appreciate our patients sparing two minutes to fill in a patient satisfaction questionnaire. This is a requirement now from many medical insurance companies but we also value your feedback. I want to make sure that we are giving you the highest possible service. If something is not right with your experience here at Wandsworth Physiotherapy – I will fix it. After your appointment we will also stay in touch and make sure that you are feeling better.


Patient centred care


This means you at the centre of what we do. We do manage to resolve most of the things we see, however there are some things that physiotherapy can’t resolve. If this is the case we will quickly identify this and refer you to one of our extensive network of doctors and consultants that can help you. We will provide you with referral letters and in most cases personally liaise with the consultant about your case and about your problem. Our network of consultants also keep in touch with us about what they have found and what your treatment plan is. Ultimately this level of service means that you quickly arrive at the right person to help you and get your pain or problem resolved as quickly as possible.