Success stories

“Steve treated me for recurrent headaches caused by working with computers. He used a combination of massage and acupuncture, and gave me a series of follow-up exercises that quickly solved the problem. I would recommend him highly.”

Vanessa, Balham.


“I needed help with a running related injury. Within minutes Steve had correctly diagnosed the problem and started treatment, the effects of which i started to feel immediately. After 3 sessions of acupuncture, massage and ultrasound, and following his advice for self-treatment I was back to fitness. Having followed his advice since then, my injury hasn’t been an issue since. Steve was very professional and is clearly highly skilled and knowledgeable – ths results speak for thenselves and for which I’m hugely grateful, as without which my desired lifestyle would be impossible.”

Michael Haynes, recreational  runner Wandsworth.


“Thanks to your advice and help regarding the problem I had with my knee. I started doing the exercises you gave me and then joined a gym as well. I have not had a problem with my knees since. I managed to complete the TPC 100k in 25 hours and the only problem I had was sore feet as I didnt do enough walking training before the event.”

Jacqueline, Putney.


“Steve at Wandsworth Physiotherapy is great. I’ve seen him for neck and back pain and he provided very effective treatment with massage and acupuncture. Feel much better and more comfortable. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Camilla Reid, Wandsworth


”After the therapy and constantly doing my exercises, I can say that MABE my problem is resolved… I only hope it lasts! Thanks so much.

Elena, Wandsworth


“I was not sore after the treatment. I got the exercises and have been doing them 2x a day. It’s all worked well, I’m feeling good and ready to surf which is great! Thanks Steve.”

Jonny, surfer Dubia


I came to see Steve when I was 19 weeks pregnant due to pelvic girdle pain. Steve identified I had an irritated joint in my low back and weakness in my core muscles as my bump was getting bigger. I’ve seen Steve 3 times over the last 10 weeks and the treatment and exercises have helped to reduce my back pain.  Each time I see him, he heals me instantly with various joint manipulations and massage and the exercises he provides me with keeps the pain low until I see him again.  I highly recommend him.  Thank you Steve – you’re a miracle worker!”

Sophie, Wandsworth


 “Really effective treatment fixing my upper back pain, would highly recommend.”

Megan Clare, Wandsworth


“What a great massage, my back feels almost back to normal. I played a lacrosse tournament the whole weekend just gone and it was fine, we won the tournament too! “

Patrick, Wandsworth


“I gave Steve a very odd shoulder pain to work out and despite looking a bit puzzled for the first minute, he quickly identified the issue and then set about solving it. After a few sessions the pain has all gone. Excellent stuff.”

Harry Vickers, Wandsworth


“Steve did an excellent job fixing my shoulder. A previous injury re-occured and he dealt with the problem quickly and professionally.”

John Bradford, Wandsworth.


“The marathon was really good. I managed 4 hours 55 which I’m very happy with. I had a slight problem with the ankle at mile 17 so had to walk some of it but hey ho.”

Emily, London marathon 2017


“I contacted Steve as I was due to do a half ironman just a few days later but I had really hurt my back and couldn’t twist or breathe without pain. I had 1 treatment session before I needed to fly. I felt a little sore the morning after when I woke up, but all in all it felt so much better. I was a little worried I’d have to skip the event all together, but after the treatment I was pretty confident I’d be fine! I really appreciated the session, thank you.”

Paul, recreation triathlete.


“Well I survived!! Haha. No seriously, it was amazing and my knees were fine all the way round- thanks so much for all your help.”

Katie, London marathon 2017


“Steve, you’ve fixed the right calf, now I’ve developed similar soreness in the left one but i’ve been doing the stretching you showed me so hopefully i’ll be back to normal soon.”

Mark, Balham.


“I crossed the finish line! It was a bit of a struggle at times and I had a few niggling injuries along the way but I am resting now so all good. Thanks a lot for your help.”

James, London marathon 2017


“The one treatment seems to have worked well! I won’t hesitate to pop back if I have further problems (hopefully not too soon!).”

Chris, Wandsworth.


“The marathon was so hard. But I managed to do it in 5hr21 minutes! Never again though as I’m in a lot of pain now! “

Holly, London marathon 2017 


“I saw Steve for a both a sports injury & a neck injury following an accident. He’s straightforward, extremely knowledgeable & helped give me pain relief. I highly recommended Wandsworth Physiotherapy.”

Lisa Peake, PeakCondition Tooting.


“Steve, I did! It took me 6 hours but I got there. I managed to do about 15 miles nice and steady and from then it was too much for my joints so I mixed it up with quite a bit of walking. I’m hobbling around today but, whatever, all worth it! Thanks for all your help.”

Amy, London marathon 2017


“In the marathon I got on well and my knee held up thanks to the taping. I finished in 4,54 with a steady jog throughout. “

Frances, London marathon 2017


“I went to see Steve prior to the New York marathon as I was getting knee pain. After a number of treatments I managed to run the whole way and got a time of 3hours 37 so I was very pleased. Thanks so much for all your help.”

Sophia , New York marathon 2016


“Steve, thanks so much for the last few weeks. My back is doing well and I shall continue to take it easy. I will be in touch again, I am sure to keep needing your services.”

Brennon, Wandsworth.


“My back is so much better, I’m building up walking more, and no discomfort, so all good.”

Samantha, London.


“Steve, thank you for your help, my neck and shoulder are 100% better. I will definitely see you again the next time I injure myself, which is bound to happen.”

Shelley, Wandsworth.


“Thanks for your help with my back. I played netball this weekend, all was well. There may have been no magic ointment but physio was a fab substitute.”

Bryony, recreational netball player, Balham.


“I saw Steve a couple years ago in Wandsworth as I developed low back pain after a skiing trip. It had gotten so bad that I could barely bend forward and touch my knees, my back was stiff and achy every day and sitting at my desk all day was very unpleasant.

Steve did a thorough assessment of my back and gave me some initial treatment that helped a little. However Steve thought there was more to this and referred me to my GP to get an MRI. My GP refused, told me to take painkillers and told me to continue with physiotherapy. This was obviously a huge disappointment and I ended up having a private MRI scan.

To my horror this showed a large central L5/S1 disc bulge, but did explain why I was in so much pain. I went back to my GP armed with the MRI scan and then was referred to the spinal surgeon who looked at it and said the only option was to have spinal fusion surgery. The worst thing I could have heard. 

I was determined not to have surgery and went back to see Steve and discussed this with him. Steve re-assured me that I was right to wait and see and not rush in to having surgery. Steve gave me some more treatment and helped put a rehabilitation plan together to help me recover from this. Fast-forward a year and after a lot of hard work I am so much better. I can bend almost completely normally again. My back pain is not quite 100% better, but I don’t expect it to be considering the disc damage.

Steve helped to re-assure me that regardless what the MRI showed my back pain can get better and that I needed to slowly get back to normal things, not be afraid of the pain and that I wouldn’t further damage my spine by doing so. I’m back in the gym squatting and dead lifting 60kg and I have been able to do a modified version of the insanity work out which is pretty full on. I’m so glad I worked with Steve who coached me though my rehabilitation and saved me from going under the knife.”

Mira, London.


“I did the marathon in 4:43 in the end, so quite far from what I was hoping for, but still a great experience! Hit the wall in a big way after about 20 miles. But didn’t have any pain in my hip though for the entire run!”

Ollie, London Marathon 2016


“I saw Steve over the course of my training as I had ITB problems with both legs. On the day it all went really well and both knees were good. I did it in 4.17- so 3 mins quicker than my aim. I was very pleased. Thank you for your help with that!”

Rowena, London Marathon 2016


“Dear Steve, many thanks for all your injury treatment especially for my ITB knee pain. I was very nervous about my knee when I first came to see you but after the first visits I started to relax and knew I was in good hands. Thank you for letting me talk at you during my treatments. I wish you all the best for the future.”

Tobi, London Marathon 2016


“I’ve been seeing Steve for several year now. 3 years ago I snapped my ACL skiing and had reconstructive surgery. Steve was helping to rehab me and 8 weeks post op I fell and badly broke the same leg needing pins and plates putting in. Needless to say my knee was a mess. Steve has been there for me and helped to get me back into normal shape again. I’m back to Bikram yoga thank god, and can almost get into all the poses I used to be able to do with ease. Steve, thank you!”

Shruti, yoga lover


“My back is definitely much improved. I’m doing the stretches each morning and this has made a significant improvement to my pain which is good.”

Charlie, Earlsfield.


“I went to see Steve as I was getting knee pain during my training for the Athens marathon. I’m pleased to say that it went very well and I did a time of 3:36! The knee hurt a little in final km but I’m ok with that, Steve, thanks for your help.”

Ryan Stobie, recreational marathon runner


“I saw Steve as I pulled my calf 3 weeks out from the Boston Marathon. Steve’s treatment meant I could compete and I did a time of 3.34 so thanks!”

Catrin Tyler, recreational marathon runner


“I fell on my knee whilst playing Ultimate Frisbee and had a nasty swelling over my knee for a few weeks that I was concerned about. I went to see Steve who diagnosed the problem, gave me the right treatment and advice and got me back fit to compete in the European Championships which we went on to win, thanks Steve.”

Richard Taylor, Ultimate Frisbee 2015 European Champion


“I went to see Steve as I was getting really bad calf pain in my training for the marathon. I finished in 3:39:56 which I was extremely happy with. A great day. I had no issues with my calf whatsoever so thanks must go to you for that!”

Max Mallen, London marathon 2015


“Steve has sorted me out on a number of occasions with back issues. In fact he’s so good that I find myself having to go and see him less and less! Highly recommend.”

Ashely Pollack, London


“I went to see Steve because I had a longstanding ankle problem from years of football. Steve quickly diagnosed me with ankle impingement and taped my ankle up so I could play football the next day. I took it easy and have continued to use the strapping Steve showed me. I have played two games since seeing Steve with no problems at all.”

Eoghan from Wandsworth Town.


“I went to see Steve because I had foot pain underneath both soles of my feet. He did a full assessment from head to toe and quickly diagnosed what the source of my pain was. He then demonstrated corrective exercises and gave me a user friendly programme to help alleviate my pain. I now use some of Steve’s exercises as part of my warm up before I play football, and during a gym session. I feel so much more stable athletically! He is so up to date on the latest research & techniques, and is really knowledgeable. 

I also had an additional appointment where Steve looked at my nutritional habits and he made recommendations about what I should and shouldn’t eat. Overall, I can’t speak highly enough about his treatment and he’s the only physio I have seen since I met him in 2011.”

Nik Blyth, Chelsea.


“My knee started getting sore during my training so I went to see Steve. With Steve’s help I did the marathon in 5.09.01. I was gutted to have not done it under 5 but was so close, but at least I managed to get round. Thanks Steve.”

Maxine, London marathon 2015


“Steve is the right man to help anyone with injuries! He picked up on my 20 year neck muscle injury that no other Physio had done (I’d had around 8-10 Physio’s over the years ) can’t recommend anybody better ….”

Liam Daley, recreational gym user.


“I have been working with Steve for well over 12 months now. Steve has given me specialised advice and an excellent structure within my rehab and training that has taken my body and game to a new level.”

Ben McNamara, professional football player.


“The ankle has been great and like you said it’s not 100% but it’s pretty close. Thanks for your treatment and support I could not have got through it so fast without it. God forbid something similar happens to anyone I know I will be recommending you.”

Aaron, recreational football player.


“Your treatment got my torn calf back into good shape and me back on the bike within your estimated recovery time, and I completed the Pyrenees ride with ease.”

Jon, recreational cyclist, London


“I had been training for a half marathon for 3-4 months, building up stamina and speed, when just 2 weeks before the race, disaster, I pulled a calf muscle. Steve quickly figured out what was wrong, gave me some immediate physio and put me on plan to give me a chance of competing. I followed the schedule religiously every day, visiting Steve a couple more times for more treatment and 2 weeks later I took my place on the start line…..and made it to the finish! 2 hours and 7 minutes for the record. I was so delighted. Thank you Steve for getting me through.”

Nigel, Reading half Marathon 2015.


“Last year I managed to break my ankle. Steve’s advice, support and exercise plan have helped me return to running a lot sooner than I had anticipated. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough.”

Thomas, recreational footballer and runner.


“I saw Steve Hines to help rehab my knee after surgery. Steve’s treatment and rehab have enabled me to get back in the gym and my training has really stepped up a gear. I’ve also lost almost 6kg to boot.”

Nick, gym user in Wandsworth


“I’m pleased to say I completed the marathon with my calves and knees and all joints fully holding out! I probably ran the first half a little quickly and perhaps with too little fluids. The second half was very slow but at 51 I’m very pleased with a time of 5 hours 12.”

“Steve your professional help made big difference and I’m very glad I got your second opinion!”

Richard, London marathon 2015


 “Steve was my physio for a number of year whilst I was at a professional football club. Steve helped to treat and rehab a number of injuries I sustained including bilateral patella tendinopathy, ankle sprains and post scaphoid fracture. I would highly recommend Steve as a sports physio if you need treatment or rehab from your injuries.”

Neil Ethridge, professional football player.


“I followed Steve’s treatment and rehab plan for 2 weeks and my back pain is much better. I’m able to squat and do weights in the gym that had been niggling me for a few weeks. I would recommend Steve if you want a quick and professional resolution to your low back pain.

Dan, gym user in Wandsworth.


“I have been seeing Steve for physio for 2 1/2 years. Six months ago I came to him with a fractured fibula. It is essential for me to be able to carry my job out as a Personal Trainer. Steve was great. He speeded up my recovery with strengthening exercises and has helped me recover from achilles tendonitis linked to the fracture. He put me on a programme of eccentric exercises and massage that helped me return to running within weeks. I would recommend him to any of my clients and have already done so. He is great!”

Ruth Murphy, Personal Trainer.


“I contacted Steve through a mutual client as he was highly recommended. I’ve been a high level elite athlete through several years in competitive cycling. Steve has advised me on my routine around racing and training sessions. This has certainly improved my performance when training which has been desirable for performance gains. Not only has this improved my sports performance but also my productivity at work. I’m very grateful for Steve’s advice and guidance”

Dr Will Mangar MBBS and recreational cyclist.


“I started getting knee pain after an 18 mile training run. It got so bad I was getting pain just walking around and I needed a steroid injection in my knee to settle the pain. On the day I managed to run the whole way and did it in 3:56, the treatment and taping you did definitely helped me!”

Sophia, London marathon 2015


“I was run down, over trained and exhausted, I had no desire to do anything… training, racing… some days even just answer the phone was intolerable. Steve helped me get to the stage where I could compete again and I do feel that I’m back to full health thanks to Steve’s help. I’m in as good a place mentally, motivationally and physically as I’ve been for a long time. I’m really grateful for this”

Jonathan Hotchkiss, ex pro triathlete.


“I went to see Steve with back pain, after 2 sessions all is well at the moment. Steve’s service was really good and I haven’t needed it again since!”

Elaine Thompson, London. 


“Steve thanks or your help with my marathon training. I got on really well and completed the run in 4 hours 50.”

Sophie, London marathon 2015


“The marathon went as well as I could have hoped for. I got round in 3hrs 42 mins and the calf was good too, so I was really pleased. Thanks for your help.”

Callum, London marathon 2015


“I first became a patient of Steve’s in 2010 following an ACL reconstruction. He was fantastic at getting mobility in my knee and rebuilding the muscles post surgery. I have continued to see Steve over the years for other injuries. Steve is calm, contentious, very professional and listens to his patients. I have recommended Steve to many friends and will continue to do so.”

Lucy, recreation skier.


“With two months to go before the London marathon, I started getting shooting pains down my right leg every time I put weight on it. This of course made running very painful, and made me worry that I wouldn’t be able to complete my training let alone complete the race. I managed to complete the marathon pain free and even managed to beat my time from last year.”

Charlotte, London Marathon 2015


Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. In order to avoid being invoiced for your treatment please give us more than 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel an appointment.