At Wandsworth Physiotherapy we offer nutrition services based on your needs. Nutritional Therapy is a supportive and effective way of helping you improve your nutrition in order to  lose weight, manage the symptoms of tummy problems such as IBS or a hormonal issue such as an underachieve thyroid or type 2 diabetes as well as improve your health to increase the chance of conceiving. We work predominantly with foods and ensure your body has the correct intake of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates as well as vitamins, mineral and phytonutrients.

We also offer Sports Nutrition if you are a professional or recreational athlete trying to improve your nutrition for your next marathon or triathlon, decrease your body fat and improve your body composition or improve your recovery from training and events.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is for anyone who wants to improve their healthy and longevity through healthy eating.

Nutritional therapy helps you:

  • Chose the right foods and nutrients for daily living
  • Maintain optimal body composition
  • Manage inflammation caused by stress and pollution
  • Protect your immune system
  • Dispel the myths of fad dieting
  • Make the right choices about supplements
  • Maintain hydration

Nutritional therapy can help people manage the symptoms of disease and improve the quality of your life. It can:

  • Help manage the gas and bloating associated with IBS
  • Manage the pain frequency and pain of IDB flare ups
  • Improve the discomfort associated with hormonal problems such as thyroid issues, PMS of the menopause
  • Help you lose weight, bring down your blood pressure and cholesterol to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks
  • Improve your health to optimise the chance of conceiving a baby

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is not just for professional athletes. Whether you are gym goer, a recreational weekend sports enthusiast or a more serious amateur athlete your sports nutrition needs are no different to that of the Olympian, Premier League football player or professional tri-athlete.

Sports nutrition plays an integral part in improving sports performance and recovery in all sports such as:

  • Premier League Football
  • County Cricket
  • Premiership Rugby
  • Olympic track and field events
  • Rowing
  • Triathlon
  • Distance running
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Golf

Wandsworth Physiotherapy triathlon swimming

Our sports nutrition services help athletes improve in 4 area:

  • Improve body composition (body building or figure events)
  • Power events
  • Team sports (events lasting less then 90 minutes)
  • Endurance events (events lasting longer than 90 minutes)

Each of these areas of performance have different training and nutrition requirements. There are still misconceptions surrounding sports nutrition such as carb loading, avoiding fat and relying on sports and protein drinks. We can help you make the right choices in terms of feeling for and recovering from your training and event.

Sports nutrition helps you:

  • Chose the right foods and nutrients to improve performance
  • Recover faster from training and games
  • Maintain optimal body composition for your sport
  • Manage inflammation caused by exercise
  • Protect your immune system
  • Prevent exercise induced muscle damage
  • Dispel the myths of carb loading
  • Speed up injury healing
  • Make the right choices about sports supplements
  • Maintain hydration

Wandsworth Physiotherapy golf

Steve Hines at sports nutrition London Clinic in Wandsworth – The transition of knowledge from the elite to the amateur level. Steve is a registered nutritional therapist and practiced sports nutrition for Fulham Football Club for 5 years. He has also consulted for Chelsea FC, Brentford FC, Essex CCC, Hard Rock Cafe, Lloyds of London, Ernest Bevan Sports College as well as numerous professional and recreation marathon runners, rowers, footballers and triathletes. Steve provides sports nutrition consultation services to teams, organisations and athletes from all over the country as well as consulting to gym goers and amateur athletes from all areas in London and the UK. Steve has also attracted international clients with people travelling from the Australia, USA and Europe to attend his clinic or have Skype consultations.


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