Fascial stretching

At Wandsworth physiotherapy we now offer fascial stretching. Fascial stretching is not necessarily a form of massage but is a very effective way to increase flexibility through both active and passive stretching. This means you take an active part in the treatments sessions by contracting certain muscles while the therapist applies pressure to help stretch opposing muscles.

  • 30 minute fascial stretching is £35

What is fascial stretching?

Fascial stretching is an active and dynamic treatment aimed at improving flexibility. The therapist will move your limbs of torso as you actively make muscle contraction to stretch tight muscles. We will use belts and pillows to anchor you down so that we can apply a firm stretch on your body tissues. This type of stretching massage helps to creat heat and friction in your muscles and helps to free up adhesions in the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles.

What are the benefits?

Fascial stretching is is particularly useful for increasing flexibility. If you feel that your sport or your job is causing you to develop tight muscles this type of treatment is for you. Poor flexibility can lead to plantar fasciitis (foot pain), tight calves and hamstrings that affect you being able to squat and bend ( as well as contribute to lower back pain), as well as lead to tight neck and shoulders and tension headaches.

Fascial stretching in Wandsworth

Who would benefit from fascial stretching?

Fascial stretching is now being used extensively in professional sports such as the NFL, Premier League Football and Basketball to prepare athletes for training and games. It is also very useful for office workers who spend long hours sat at a desk and who develop tight muscles scubas as the hamstrings at the back of the thigh.


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