At Wandsworth Physiotherapy our cupping sessions consist of gentle cupping techniques that apply suction to the skin and underlying soft tissues. We do not use fire cupping and we do not use aggressive cupping that causes bleeding into the cups.

These cupping techniques are suitable for professional or recreational athletes to recovery after exercise or a big event such as a marathon, half marathon or triathlon. These cupping techniques are extensively used in professional sport in recovery sessions along with acupuncture, cold water immersion and yoga.

Cupping massage in Wandsworth Town

Cupping is also suitable for office workers who suffer from a stiff neck, back and shoulders from spending long hours at a desk. Your cupping session will be be delivered by a Chartered Physiotherapist.

  • 30 minute Cupping and Sliding Cup Massage is £35

Suction cupping

In a cupping session we use static cupping where cups are applied to the skin to draw up and create suction of the skin and underlying soft tissues in to the cup. This type of cupping stimulates blood into the treated area and can loosen adhesion in the fascia surrounding the muscle. The technique does causes some very mild discomfort and can lead to visible bruises that last for a day or two.

Cupping at Wandsworth Physiotherapy

This type of cupping very useful when applied the neck, back and shoulder if you suffer from posture related pain from working long hours at a desk and the effects are enhanced when combining a cupping session with an Express Relaxing Swedish or Depp Tissue Sports Massage.

Sliding cupping

We can also perform sliding cupping. This is where massage oil is applied to the skin prior to the cup being posited. The cup is then slid along the skin. This type of cupping stimulates suction to the muscles and fascia, creating heat and friction that loosens up adhesions at the soft tissues interfaces and deactivates tension points in the muscles and drawing up blood into the soft tissues.

This type of cupping also promotes blood flow to the areas worked on bringing in fresh oxygen and nutrients and stimulates lymph flow from the areas worked on to remove waste products. Cupping does leave visible bruises however this is less visible with sliding cupping.

Sliding cupping is particularly useful on the IT band if you suffer from running related knee pain or over the neck and shoulders if you suffer from posture related pain.

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