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physio in batterseaPhysiotherapists are professionals within the health care industry who diagnose and treat people of all age groups who have physical problems that affect their capacity to do their daily activities such as walking. The therapists help patients with such physical problems to reduce or stop the pain and to help them regain, maintain, and promote body fitness while preventing permanent physical disabilities. The patients can be people who have lost motor functions due to age, illness, or accidents.

The physios develop treatment plans based on their patients’ problems; the plans cover physical manipulation involving muscle and strength training and stretching. The treatment process will involve keeping a record of the patients’ recovery progress. Most therapists working in the health care industry are licensed professionals who can be PTAs (physical therapist assistants) or PTs (physiotherapists). The PTAs work under the supervision of the PTS but can also oversee the Techs, who offer health care assistance. The physiotherapists are tasked with:

1. Collection of Information – The therapist will receive and observe the patients and keep a record of all the necessary information while also seek additional information from all other relevant sources.

2. Health Care Services – The practitioner provides health care assistance at a personal level. The care is inclusive of emotional support, medical attention, and physical care to all patients. The doctor also extends the emotional support and professional knowledge to fellow workers.

3. Building relationships – Effective health care is often at a interpersonal level thus the physios will develop a constructive and cooperative working relationship with co-workers that create a good atmosphere for health care. The same relationships skill should be evident in the way patients are handled.

The services render by physiotherapists differs based on areas of specialization.

Physiotherapy Services

Orthopedic Services
These services are offered to help patients with injuries or physical problems with their bones, muscles, and body tissues. The reasons for the injuries can be due to accidents while traveling, playing a sport, or due to surgical error or a chronic disease. Physiotherapy services cover manual therapy and exercise that increase range of movement with the incorporation of various techniques that help to restore and/or maintain mobility while offering pain relief.

Cardiopulmonary Services
These services are specific to people who have experience a cardiopulmonary event. A heart attack is the common cardiopulmonary condition that people undergo due to various reasons the most common being a weak heart. The primary focus in the services render for such patients include dietary advice on food that help to strength the heart while also therapy sessions that increase the stamina of the heart and the body in general through special exercises.

Decongestive Services
Decongestive services are offered to people with problems in the lymph nodes, often dealing with edema. Such patients have a problem managing their body fluids thus the fluids is high in some parts of their bodies such as the arms and legs. The physiotherapy practitioner treats the patient by draining the fluids if they are in high volumes that cause pain. The treatment can also be inclusive of exercises and therapy sessions that incorporate compression to minimize the buildup of the fluids.

Geriatric Services
Geriatric services are therapeutic services offered to people who experience physical problems because of their age. Often, people tend to experience pain and slowness in their mobility as they age. The geriatric physiotherapist will help the patients overcome most of the physical challenges through strength training while also aiding them in developing way to overcome some of the physical problems they will face as they age. Some of the issues addressed during the geriatric therapy services include muscle conditioning, treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis, and joint repair. The treatment options will differ from patient to patient depending on the type and extent of the physical problem.

Pediatric Services
physioOffered by a pediatric physio, these services are often offered to children who have physical problems. The practitioners focus on helping the child deal with any pain they have in their body while also helping to regain, and maintain their motor functions. The methods used might differ based on the cause of the physical disability. For instance, the kind of therapy services offered to children that have a disability due to a neurological disorder differs from those offered to children with problems associated with injuries.

Neurological Services
The physical therapy services offered to people with neurological issues. The services are very specific and can include special attention given to specific muscles and bones. However, the therapist will major on address the issues by examining and testing the brain in relation to that of the rest of the body. Most patients that see the benefits of these services include those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes, the services can be offered to patients who are recovering from a traumatic brain injury or from a stroke. Part of the treatment will include treatment options that increase mobility of limbs while seeking to undo some types of paralysis and strengthening the muscles to prevent atrophy.

Vestibular Services
These services are unique to people who have sustained damage or are recovering from a trauma in their inner ear. Damage to the inner parts of the ear tends to affect a person’s coordination and balance. Part of the treatment options used in addressing vestibular problems include the use of manual techniques to help the patients understand the new signals they receive in their inner ear. The physiotherapy practitioner will employ these unique techniques in his treatment services to help to teach the brain how to adapt to the signal variations thus help to increase balance and coordination in mobility.

Wound Care
Physical therapists can perform general and complex wound care treatments. Part of the treatment options include rejuvenation of the body to foster a faster recovery by ensuring the wound is clean, free of dead tissues, and ensuring there are enough blood and oxygen at the wounded area. In most cases, wound care services are often rendered to cases of chronic wound or wounds that fail to heal properly after a major surgery.